Help with character models

many units, such as the soldier and the scout have 2 models, is there a way to pick which one appears?
edit: the skin is choice is not random.

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There are two answers depending on the details of the question.

  1. If you are playing through the regular levels, no you can’t choose which ones appear. That is determined when the level is created. Although, it makes me wonder if you can determine which one appears later on when you can summon them. I haven’t seen anything saying you can and I doubt it, but there may be a way to select which one as you summon. Someone with more understanding of the developing code could verify, possibly @Chaboi_3000

  2. If you are creating a level, yes you can pick either model (male or female) of most, if not all, of the character thangs provided by CodeCombat.

If you want to summon a specific model during the level, you currently can’t. (Exceptions for the GameDev levels). If you want to summon a specific model in the level editor, you can do so by specifying the type you want by adding a -f or -m at the end of the thang type.

thank you for your assistance.