Help with zero sum


it sase that moves argument pos should have type object but got type null hears my code

while True:
    enemies = hero.findEnemies()
    nearestEnemy = hero.findNearest(enemies)
    # Your hero can collect coins and summon troops.
    if > hero.costOf("griffin-rider"):
    if > hero.costOf("paladin"):
    # She also commands your allies in battle.
    friends = hero.findFriends()
    for friend in friends:
        hero.command(friend, "attack", friend.findNearest(enemies))
    # Use your hero's abilities to turn the tide.
    coin = hero.findNearest(hero.findItems())


I believe it should be:

coin.pos & not coin.Pos


It doesn’t look like you are using this command in any way in the code.


thanks i won:slight_smile: