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Hidden misson objectives?


Hello! I just found this site a few days ago and it’s been extremely helpful to me learning Python.

I’m a completionist and hate leaving things unfinished. In the Backwoods Forest, the second red flag called “Winding Forest” has the bonus objective of collecting two gems. However, if you lay a fire trap instead of the fence and back away, you can kill the ogre and unlock a hidden bonus objective by collecting all 6 gems.

Does anyone know of any other missions with hidden objectives?


I’m not sure what you mean by “hidden” objectives. In the upper right hand corner the 6 gem bonus is clearly listed. I just lured the ogre out of the path where he was guarding the 4 gems and then darted past him to get the bonus. There wasn’t anything hidden.


“Hidden objectives” probably refers to bonuses that can come if you do something even better than what the level wants you to do, @MunkeyShynes.


@MunkeyShynes The 6 gem objective doesn’t show up until you actually get all 6 gems. Prior to that it only lists getting 2 gems as the requirement to get past the level.


Latter levels will show bonuses in the objectives.