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How do i beat the multiplayer treasure grove in backwoods forest


hey this is my code can somewone help me to fix it

Be the first to 100 gold!

If you die, you will respawn at 67% gold.

# Find coins and/or attack the enemy.
# Use flags and your special moves to win!
flag = self.findFlag()


Ok, ok, ok let’s back it up a bit here. How far are you? That code in VERY limited and will accomplish nothing. First you want a loop where you constantly define :“flag”


Then you want to move to that flag.

    if flag:
           self.moveXY(flag.pos.x,flag.pos.y) or self.move(flag.pos)

But honestly I don’t see the use of flags for this level.
Do that same as above except with items to collect gold.

     item= self.findNearest(self.findItems())

Then you can be creative and attack attack, projectile dodging etc…


thx for the help i now have beaten it


I often see a glitch where either you re-spawn dead and can’t move, or the first coin it seeks is out of the gated boundary and you can’t get to it (might have to try isPathClear() on all coins).