How do I know the type of the flowers in cloudrip siege

does anyone know the type of the flowers in cloudrip siege?

Why do you need it though? I mean, there is one way :eyes: but you can just use pos.

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Just spam summon decoy, the ogres aren’t so smart.

Headhunters are the biggest threats, just kill them with your summoned troops.
Well, catapults are most annoying.

Use your hero to block the flowers with his/her full life.

I know I am using decoys but catapults are attacking the flowers

Bruh, that’s why I said, catapults are annoying.

Just use your hero to block the flowers.

Use hero.findMissiles.

I am using wizard so maybe it will die

I try to raise-dead but the raise-dead enemy attack the flower :grin: :grin:

You can’t change that I guess. Hint: summon decoys somewhere away from flowers.

I try to sacrifice the raise dead ogre fo flawer but it says can’t cast spell on target

how can I use pos @PeterPalov?

should I use troops or decoy??

The position of the flowers.


Use decoys, they are more useful.


what is the way @PeterPalov ?