How do you enter the zones other than main missions?

I’ve recently found out that there are several zones other than dungeon, forest, mountain, and glacier. They are Picoctf, HourOfCode2019, auditions, etc. I can only enter those areas through the direct links such as this: But there’re no way I can get inside by navigating the COCO worlds. That’s why I didn’t even notice that those places exist.


O_o I’ve never seen it before this topic. Thnx.

Auditions were for the Chief Artisan job. It seems like CoCo left it as it is.

It’s funny thing, but after completing a few levels in auditions yesterday I’ v got achievement of games simulation and gems for his I haven’t seen for ages. Idk is it coincidence or not.

There’s a weird bug where you only get simulation rewards when completing a level.