How to beat Ritic?


Hi everyone,

Just looking for some advice on beating Ritics in the Multiplayer arenas as Nalfar. At the moment I have the Burl staff, Eldritch Rune cloak, hat and Unholy tome V as well as the Elemental Codex V. However, any good Ritic still completely destroys me in any multiplayer arena. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, but it also maybe the case that Ritic is just better than Nalfar. If that is the case, apologies for disturbing anyone. Anyway, any help would be very helpful.

Thanks, Brenin Llwyd.


Have you tried using the Elemental Codex V? I Would run up to him and use shockwave and then cast slow on him and haste on yourself that would be better than using Unholy Tome V and summoning slow and slightly weak troops that can be killed by whirlwind even if there are a lot of them and I would also use the invisibilty ring because players like DaBeast45 (so annoying!) have really powerful attacks and ritic himself has very powerful abilities so it would be good to avoid them and also the ring of speed definitely. :grin:


I used nalfar, and I beat Ritic.


Get better armor, and use all your skills.


If you use elemental codex, he still has a long range, so he’ll beat you anyway, and invisibility does not work after you attack or 4 seconds.



DaBeast45 = Chaboi_3000

So if u manage to beat DaBeast45 make sure to tell me ur solution


I beat him a bunch of times. I got his cavern survival code (I think) and tweaked it a bunch.

sorry, @Chaboi_3000


How? Did you hack my account or something.


Unfortunately I already have the best armor


edit: I can beat DaBeast45(@Chaboi_3000) now and shadow-assassinator(@Seojin_Roy_Lee).


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The high-score scoreboard shows lots of stuff.


You got a really high score in dueling grounds.


Sorry I already have.


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Sorry I didn’t think about that before I gave him the solution, I realise now that it was really selfish and annoying and he could’ve told anyone (I’ve got rid of it now) I won’t do it again.