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How to change account password{SOLVED}

ok, noob question of the day… i had to recover my password. I was able to use the temporary password to login to my account, and cant seem to find where to change this temp password to something i might rememeber.

Try this:

it did not work. I can’t change my password.

I used the temporary password to login. The password change section in the setting menu does not have a button to change the password section

Please help

i also cannot log back in with the temp password the second time.

Email, and give them your username and the problem you’re experiencing.


@Chaboi_3000 thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

@cmah – as a side note, when you enter your new password and then verify your new password a blue save bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click this to save/update your new password. This blue save bar is only activated when information is added or changed in a field and then you click out of the field.

Just let us know if you have anymore questions!