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How to not a get a tie at duelling ground?


I seem to get quite some ties at duelling ground, which is I think because of getting stuck while moving to the enemy. How can I prevent this ?


if you are getting stuck change your moving procedure


this is like saying: if there is a bug, change your code


Basically Feinty is saying that you need to check in your code to see if you are actually getting to your enemy. If not, you need to figure out a way to move to him.

Possibly even just throwing in a random moveXY at the beginning of your code. (Though this might open you up to being attacked first and thus losing.)

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The problem is, that if I try look at those ties, I win all of them … It’s hard to see what exactly is going on.

I do try to move to some place if I’m not near my enemy at 10 or 20 seconds, the problem is I think that my hero is first trying to finish, this.bash(enemy); but this action never finish if the hero get stuck at some house or whatever.


I would wait to bash until I’m in range. I believe that if your first action is a move, it will eventually time out if you can’t get there, this will allow you to move somewhere else first. Then, when you are close enough you can attack and bash.


bash has a range of 3m compare this to the enemy using distanceTo and if he can reach the enemy
that should fix that


If you are seeing it report ties but it’s actually wins when you open the match, then that’s this bug: – will hope to figure it out soon!