How to pass the level where hero have been "navigate maze" javaScript lenguage

I dont know how to level up the capitule where hero have been “navegate maze” any one who help me ?
javascript Lenguage !

The trick with those maze levels is to put the repetitive part inside a loop { } block, like this:

loop {
    // Keep adding more movement commands in here to repeat them.

What part of it is giving you trouble?

XD and i wrote A for(){}; in this example… silly me ! Hmmm, but this level is a lettle dificult too… who would there person thinks that…
Sorry if my english words not understood, i´m speaker spanish :wink: … tnks !

I´ve been trouble in the part I dont know how to level up this level, but your now give me idea… maybe I´ve trying do it bad

Tnks so much I did it end !!

Congratulations! Being able to use loops is a super useful programming skill.