I want to talk with the community

We, (and by we I mean a few members) have found a way to steal code. (Not me but others) and I want to put a end to this. This place is for learning how to code. Not plagiarizing others for a higher rank. We recently saw this when @NalfarCryptor found a exploit to steal code. Ever since, people have been abusing inspect to gain illegal items such as panther cub or winged boots. I would like to hold a all community vote on wether we should make this a official rule. Stated within the games numerous arenas. For example, @JustALuke , a rising ai league grinder, his code recently got stolen and he had to re-code everything. Even in custom arenas like the ever so popular desert dispute by Luke, people have stolen the no 1 player, DimaP123’s code.
I loved this game and it thought me lots of coding. I don’t want it to become a hacker haven with code stealing. I just want to wish for a peaceful place where people code themselves, grind gems, and crash on lvl 14 of backwoods brawl. If you are a cheater, please stop.
“If you cheat, the only one you’re letting down is yourself.”
-Wise guy who’s famous probably
If you find exploits, good for you. Please don’t ruin the experience of others using them.
Edit: CHEATING BY CHANGING YOUR AGE BRACKET TO A EASIER ONE LIKE 0-11 IS ALSO VERY BAD. If you dont face tougher and tougher opponents, whats the point? your coding skill isn’t going to grow. As a prize winner of 1st place 0-11 bracket, I know the prizes are tempting but I was 9 when i won, @NalfarCryptor and others. Cough cOUGH @ChickenMaster. These were the main “cheaters” (by that i mean exploit finders). Please undo all of your shameless cheating and stop making the tournaments a pain in the… huh? whats that- The admins have advised me to not finish this sentance or else i will get banned.

-Ritic, a code combat “veteran”


Vote here about the rules thing

  • No cheating.
  • Yes cheating
  • I don’t care that much
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Thank you.

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ok, i’ll stop

i didnt do that?

Not you, that ICEP0TGT whatever whatever guy

oh ok

from that, i can tell you read a lot

Ok so hear me out I think cheating in arenas should be completely band but I also think hacking to get items and showing them off as a joke should not be band


Also I have not done any of these things

Well, I am not stealing others code, I am only “borrowing” level 66 items, and others to try them before I buy them, that is not illegal, and as @TheCodingCrusader22 says my most in The “is my armor good” topic was a joke…

I did? Could you provide a link?

Not you stealing, someone stole your code

Edit mb it was @sharkycombat0’s code who code got stolen

Overall I think stealing code should be banned and for people that did this, please stop and say sorry.

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, ok, sorry.
P.S : what does a banned codecombat account screen even look like?

You where stealing code ?

only once, i didnt use the code i stole tho

@NalfarCryptor @ChickenMaster Can you change your age bracket back to what it should be? Being in the wrong age bracket really messes with the leaderboard. Thanks. (sorry about this sorta being off topic)

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No, it’s on-topic. The topic mentions the age-bracket. But anyways, this needs to be added… I’m not into the game itself… I only did it because my computer science teacher had us do it, but I’ve seen this way too much here…