Idea for CodeCombat

Here’s my idea:
You can sell old equipment for gems, maybe at 50% or 60% return rate. If you donate money, your return rate on selling things will be higher. There will be a block so you can’t sell certain items though, so you can’t sell everything and get stuck.

Yeah, we definitely need to add the ability to sell old items. It’s on the TODO list!

I was thinking that you’d get like a 25% rate of return, though, so as not to imbalance the gem counts too much. What do you think?

seems like a good idea, although 25 seems a little low to be stuck with forever. maybe as you level up it’ll increase, starting at 20 and ending up at something higher.

I would rather that the return rate can be lower if players can sell their equipment,because I can buy a new powerful equipment after selling my previous one so that I can hit my enemies easily without strategy :smile:

at level 17 the sell rate should be around 80/90%, as at that level the warrior armor costs 6000+ gems, and the ranger and wizard gear costs at least 3000

Well, by level 17, you are usually at higher levels, which give you more gems.

at level 17 i was on the siege of stonehold

By Siege of Stonehold, you are likely not to need anymore armor than the level says you need, i.e more than 300 health or so. The Steel Helmet and Steel Breastplate alone are enough to see you through, if you are clever, and that doesn’t cost much more than 1000 gems.

but i used rusted iron breastplate and polished bronze helmet and went on just fine.

So why are you complaining? Your whole point was that the return rate should be higher because more gems are needed to get better armor, but you did Siege of Stonehold just fine with 285 health.

and now while i do medical attention, my hero just moves from side to side around the healing area saying heal me

Open a new topic if you feel like you need help.


ok thanks for the help