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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


I thought there should be new ogres when the new lava world is going to get released. Like the idea that you like so I can see which idea is the best.

"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!)

An ogre flamethrower: That shoots flames. Damage:20(damage per sec:60). Health:90.


An ogre flame warlock. Instead of normal warlocks, it shoots fireballs. And summons headhunters instead of skeletons. Damage:150(damage per sec:150). Health:320.


At last the ogre knife thrower. The most powerful of the 3 new ogres: He shoots knives really fast.
Stats(May change due to how he is OP):damage:50(damage per sec:200(attack range:50)). Health:190.


Yes that should probaly happen. Talk to @Serg or @Catsync


I also want the smasher ogre. It smashes enemies dealing 150 damage with area damage. Also every 4 attacks it throws enemies 30 meters away from the smasher dealing 390 damage. His health is going to be:500.


My new idea the dark shaman. It shoots beams and summons and commands ogre-females. Damage is 200(dps:400) and health is 800


The awesome ogre spy. It looks like a peasant and acts like an ally but after 10 seconds after it is deployed, it turns into an ogre brawler. Though the ogre brawler will have 800 hp and 90 damage so that is cool.


Great ideas @Chaboi_3000. Also I’m thinking that if the Volcano campaign is the last one, there should be like a huge boss battle level at the end where we finally get to kill Thoktar and his lava army.


True I am working on that kind of level to launch



(Waaa I can’t like your post now because I already hit the limit! :slightly_frowning_face: See you in 4 hours! :slightly_smiling_face:)


Also I was thinking maybe they would release more, tougher gear and stuff.
Like maybe the Magma Breastplate and Helmet!
Or the Phoenix Feather! (sword that can give ogres some sort of fire effect when attacked, almost like a drain-life spell)
Also I think that a Magma Shield would be cool that also gives the fire effect (see above) when you bash an enemy with it.


The lava burl should be out. The lava burl casts flame armor and shoots fireballs. Has 1500 hp. And speed is 12/per sec


The lava guard(aka. Lava guard). It is very fast and hits very hard. Very hard to beat. Health:3000
Speed:20/per sec.


The lava munchkin. Damage:30 hp:60 speed:30 per sec.


The mega lava chieftain. Does both warcries and has 4000 hp and does 120 damage per second. Speed is 25 per sec.


That seems like a really tough ogre to defeat, which is why the new gear ideas.
Or faster boots with better properties.

Codecombat Fan Art

The new items: the robe of the magi and the circlet of the magi should be released. Link:Circlet of the magi, Robe of the magi


The magma headhunter: throws flaming razor discs and does 200 per razor disc. And bash damage is 200. Health is only 300


The winged boots are coming up.