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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros

I have a new Hero idea; a Dwarven hero:
Here is the sketch:

And the coloured in and inked piece:

As the LOTR fans among you may have noticed, it is meant to be Gimli, it’s from a scene in one of the films.
Here are his stats:
Throw and War cry are the usual.
Self Hurl is a new ability, it’s a combination of jump and stomp; so he jumps then where he lands he does and ability similar to stomp by smashing his battle axe against the floor.

I hope you like it.


Great I like it! but why is he a wizard?

Thanks, It’s meant to be Warrior, I forgot to change it. :grimacing:

Great idea! It would’ve been a great hero to add if copyright didn’t exist. :worried:

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what if you change the hero’s name and photo (still keeping the theme)

what about a hunter with a musket rifle

Sencik? (20 chars …)

I have a new idea. I feel like there should be a higher level infantry type which could be summoned using a Boss Star (Artillery is V, so maybe in VI If that’s a thing!).

Again, I’m using inspiration from LOTR but this character isn’t that famous so it doesn’t really matter. (in case anyone’s interested he’s a Minas Tirith Citadel Guard)
Cost: 60 gold.
Health: 650
Range: 5m (a 2m longer range than the soldier because of the spear)
Damage: 22
Cooldown: 0.4 sec
Special ability:
“cleave”, I think it would be cool to see a cleave ability in a summonable troop.
Damage: 14 (just enough for a munchkin :grin:)
Cooldown: 10 sec
Range: 10m
It would have a cool animation where he would crouch down and twirl around with his spear out and his cloak would swish around.
I’m not sure whether his abilities are OP or not, I compared the stats with this topic to try and work it out (Summonable units and their basic stats).
In LOTR they guard the fountain top of the “capital” city of Gondor: Minas Tirith.
Here’s a drawing I did of it for a bit of context:

Maybe it could be part of a new world…
I hope you like the idea,


Very nice art! The city kinda reminds me of the time I visited The Mont-Saint-Michel.


I’ve been there too! It’s pretty amazing.

I haven’t ;(
(20 chars)

or should have a thor hero with some special skill like he use his hamer to cast thunder or he cast a super electrick power to kill all orgres on a map

Hi @Nam_Khanh_Trang_trai, I’m afraid that image hasn’t loaded and at the moment it’s just a lot of text. If it doesn’t work please could you get rid of that post because it’s quite large.

oh hello is that your nick is Dealpool in code combat I have just won you yesterday that is images sorry

I like it :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

how about a pig that throws ogres that attack you
or a big cow that shoots heavy bottles of milk

how about a hero that throws pandas

Why do you like pandas so much?


Because they’re epic? And cute? And can do kung-fu? (lol)

Doggo Man guy dude.

He can call wolves whenever he wants (inspired by dog man)

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