[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


Since she is “Forging” her things.


It’s possible. Anything is possible with html.

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Html is the best thing.


The Volcano is the perfect place for forgery: Filled with hot lava, no one dares to come near her home. She will be able to forge things in peace, with assistance from the heat of lava.


Just one problem, meager supplies of iron.


Did she bring it with her?


Volcanic Rock = Obsidian = Very good for making weapons


How true. Just make sure the weapon blade is too thin. Then it would just crack at a hit.


Well, if Illa finds a way to decrease the temperature.


well, she has shield bubble, so why shouldn’t it work?


I think maybe there could be like a orge leader made of whatever volcanic subastance with maybe a sword with the blade made of lava? Just a thought


that would be overpowered.


But on the last level, it would be a challenge to take down.


Sorry just a thought


how about in the second last one it gets released, and in the last one you have to use that sword specifically,


Thats a great idea!!


Overpowered ogres would be awesome! Maybe it could be like a 20 humans vs 1 op ogre battle?


Found out Illa is useable by students and teachers.


Same here! @Chaboi_3000


I made a teacher and student account to see how it is