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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


how about in the second last one it gets released, and in the last one you have to use that sword specifically,


Thats a great idea!!


Overpowered ogres would be awesome! Maybe it could be like a 20 humans vs 1 op ogre battle?


Found out Illa is useable by students and teachers.


Same here! @Chaboi_3000


I made a teacher and student account to see how it is


I mostly made it to try Waka Mual and Cross Bones


How do you make a teacher/student account and use Illia? I created one and it says I can’t play the level cuz I need to be in a course


You have to make a teacher one first then you make a class then it gives a code and then make a student one and put in the code


I still need to figure out how to permanently toggle admin and godmode on my localhost account


Hey guys! Sorry for “kinda necroposting” but since it’s relevant I’m going to show a fan art!


interesting, very interesting. maybe the magmadrift part is a bit much, but Thats cool.


Doesn’t show the amount of levels.


Chaboi wouldn’t know the number of levels there will be


What if there was an island where all of the foes were from mythology, like the Minotaur, Loki, Medusa and the like. That would be cool.


Yeah, that’s a really good plan and also anyone can use them (the mythological characters) in anything because it’s so ancient no-one gets credits or anything. Good plan! (like Theros in mtg if anyone knows what that is)


Maybe there could be an island full of old Norse legends, one with Greek/Roman (they are very similar), or one with Egyptian stuff. What if, as mini-bosses, you got to fight minor gods, and then the all-time bosses would be the strongest god! Of course, you would get power-ups before that, like in the Kithguard Dungeons level “Guardian Angel”. Imagine how cool that would be!
P.S: Do any of you know what the yellow munchkin things are actually called?


Scouts it’s an upgraded version of a munchkin


speaking of mythology, does anyone know why norse mythology is mixed with greek/ roman?


I dunno, It is strange. But at least this means mythology is part of CoCo already.
P.S is the boom ball worth it(I’m not sure whether to save for it)?