[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


Thank you so much! i also might just happen to have the emperor’s gloves. How can I fit that in?


Also, what the heck is that weird red potion? Is it good or bad? How do I determine? And what is the name of those weird fat ogre ladies with clubs?
How do I get the potion?


Ogre-f is the fat female ogre and red potions give you HP. Emperors gloves will take down all archers and reduce the soldiers hp


I am having issues with the code. What would be good code to get my pet (cougar) to fetch the potion? I tried the one in the taskbar. It failed. Can you please help me?


Have you tried using a while-True loop inside the onSpawn() function, without it it doesn’t work. (and make sure you’ve written the: “pet.on("spawn", onSpawn()”)


Please expand further if you can.


Ok, I’ll show you the code I use for my pet. (this isn’t spoiling, because it’s just how to use something properly)

def onSpawn():
    while True:
        potion = pet.findNearestByType("potion") # or hero.findNearestItem(), whichever you prefer.
        if potion:
            pet.fetch(potion) # fetch has no cooldown.
pet.on("spawn", onSpawn)

If this doesn’t work please post the rest of your code; I’ve had considerable problems with pets in the past so I wouldn’t be suprised.
H(ope) T(his) H(elps)! :grin:


Thank you, this should work. (I just got premium access this week, so I’m still new to all of the pets and stuff.)
PS: Are the razor discs good for rangers?


They are good but the 2 best in my opinion is the boom ball and sparkbomb


Ok, this code isn’t working. Posting code now:

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    if enemy:
        if hero.isReady("stomp"):
            if hero.isReady("throw") and hero.distanceTo(enemy.pos) < hero.throwRange:
                if hero.isReady("hurl"):
                    if hero.isReady("chain-lightning"):
                        hero.cast("chain-lightning", enemy)
    if item:
        if item.type == "potion":

P.S:I am using Okar Stompfoot with top armour, Deflector and Runesword, the ring of speed, the precious, emeperor’s gloves and a cougar pet.


Wait, it’s working! just needed to change one line. One issue: my hero is still dying before 40 seconds of Kithguard Brawl (lvl 6) is up. How do I solve it?


please format your code properly


Done and dusted (thanks to the FAQ)!


Don’t use runesword. it has low attack speed, and most of the enemies in kithgard brawl has low health

Sword of the Temple Guard would be good


Would the sword of the forgotten be good? It has more DPS and damage than the sword of the temple guard.


Sword of the temple guard is better because it hits more times per second. Sword of the forgotten hits roughly 2 times per second, doing about 105 damage each time. Sword of the temple guard however, hits 4 times a second, doing 53 damage each time. This makes the sword a lot more flexible in terms of killing enemies; for example, it can kill four munchkins a second, whereas the Sword of the forgotten kills two munchkins a second. If an enemy has 150 health, the Sword of the temple guard kills it in 3 quarters of a second, whereas the Sword of the temple guard takes 1 second. The very slight difference in DPS is almost negligible. As you can see, despite having a lower DPS, the Sword of the temple guard makes a better overall sword due to it’s faster hit rate.


Ok, fine. How can I get 3700 gems quickly (without buying them)?


Easy! Do levels or simulate games for gems! :smile:


depends on the type of ogre. If it’s a brawler, sword of forgotten is the way to go. If it’s hordes, temple guard is the way to go


How much gems do you get for simulating games?