[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


I like norse mythology, I think I’m gonna draw Fenris.


Hot pics! I like it I like it


Greek Myths 101: Hermes is one of the gods (god of messengers, thieves and a lot of other stuff to be precise), Pan also plays a very important part (he is a nature spirit) and King Midas is also important. We could have a level where you had to be stealthy enough to steal something from Hermes, a maze where you had to find Pan, and a place where you have to collect as many coins as you can which aren’t gold. (Gold would turn you into a solid gold statue.)
In short, we can include them.


Alright then. If you do not mind I will try to as well, as (for some weird reason) I really like dangerous animals like snakes, wolves and cheetahs.


I can’t do all of them at the same time, but I promise to get around to it. (I’m not an octopus with 8 arms to draw 8 images at the same time!)


Nice image. Kind of reminds me of an evil Thor. Also, please, when you do your drawings, please DO NOT copy all of those posters for Thor, or any other movie posters. Images just taken off the Internet as inspiration I understand, but can you please not copy over line-to-line from them?


If you like fantasy and Norse mythology, I suggest you get your hands on the “Magnus Chase” series by Rick Riordan. It is an awesome blend of Norse myths and fantasy. Just a tip. :wink:


We also have a magnus in fortnite too.


Read the series, then you’ll get what I mean. I am not referring to Fortnite!


No, I’m just saying there’s a viking guy called magnus from fortnite. We might want a viking hero in coco.


I have, I’ve read the kane chronicles and percy jackson and heroes of olympus. Loved dem. :ok_hand:
On point


Good point. What about if there were “costumes” for the characters which made them more Greek or Norse or Egyptian. Okar Stompfoot could be wearing a toga in a Greek version, a wolf skin in a Norse version and something else for Egyptian, for example.


if artemis created the gift of the trees from the core off Yggdrasil which is in norse mythology, who stole the crossbow, and why is greek and norse mixed.


eh i think he is egyptian


He’s South Asian according to Nick.


wow, that is specific


Maybe a king midas spell (or ring, but that would be too overpowered.) so for a short time everything that you attack (pet or no pet included) turns into gold? BTW Sorry Just found this topic.


Yeah. It’s really good!!


still overpowered… probably do a spell which will freeze the opponent or turn it into gold based on its health which will only work if the enemy’s health is hero.maxHealth() / 10 for example:

while True:
    if hero.isReady("goldify"):

and then if the enemy was like a player, it would stun him/her, and if it was a munchkin, it would give its hire cost, which I don’t exactly know, maybe 3 or 4, and a scout 13, etc, like the hire cost in wakka maul (I’ve never done it but I saw with spectate).


Ooh! Maybe an upgraded nalfar that sacrifices and turns his allies into gold? Though I can’t think of his name.:sweat_smile: