[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


That reminds me of the roman version of Hades, Pluto. Pluto was the god of the Underworld AND everything underneath the earth, including things such as jewels and, yes, gold. So maybe Nalfar could find a ring made from a cursed gemstone and become Pluto… What if there was a God ring which gave the hero certain strengths and attributes in humongous quantities. (Only available on the coming volcano place due to extremely overpowered foes.) For example, Nalfar could be Pluto, Naria could be Artemis and Okar could be a Jotun (Norse nature spirits with superhuman strength.) What do you think?


P.S: Sorry, I will be away for a while until school hols. Next year same pattern: lots of activity during hols, not much during schooltime.


Pretty good!:grin::grin::grin:


It’s time… to share some spoilers!


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you really overdid the emojis.


Yeah. Sorry. :rice_ball::rice_ball::rice_ball:


Does anybody realize that if you go to the Thang Editor you can see most of this (except for that Metallic spider)? Also how do you make robotic thing without a machine builder? Maybe there could be a faceoff(if there is a robot creator) between the hero and an Evil Robot Builder. Just an idea.


Yep, and I’ve seen the metallic spider there as well. That’s where most people find exiting new items. Chaboi showed the other screenshots because it confirms they’re going to be released. Whereas not everything in the thang-editor is ever going to be released.
If you look in other topics there are things from there. like the spoilers free topic.
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I’ve saw most of them in i18n and even translated some of them :grin:


Chaboi is staff (I want staff too :frowning:)


How come he’s staff, if he doesn’t work for them??
I guess it’s the legendary: God-Dev-Mode. hmmm… There was that thing that Chaboi showed once where Nick said how to do it, or something. But it was really confusing.


@Deadpool198, I can assist you in setting up developer environment if you want. The current one can’t be godmoded because it talks to the coco database, which is not fair since it can give your account free gems in both the localhost and the coco servers. If you want to use an older version which had godmode, checkout the repo and update the repo in your computer’s local storage to an older version which has godmode and admin. Though, this version only has a few levels compared to the other ones.


Thanks, but I haven’t actually finished quite all the levels yet, and I wouldn’t want dev mode if I wasn’t done. Thanks though :grin:


Mega Lava Chieftain would definitely require significantly better gear to be released. The top tier sword, Sword of the Forgotten (as of Nov '18), only does 211 dps. So a 4000 hp ogre would require 19 seconds to defeat… Also, SotF has no AOE attack. Thus you’d have no way to quickly defeat MLC if they’re surrounded by minions, and you’d have to be exceptionally tanky to handle MLC with minions.


What if there is an ogre that contains super MAGIC POWERS. The ogre could summon an army of ogres he could cast invisibility, lightning, and has regeneration! This ogre would be so over powered.


There are I for got their name, but the dudes who spawn in skellies. And heal theirselves. And grow targets and poison targets. D something.


Are you talking about warlocks? Warlocks are annoying but they are also easy to kill


Oh yeah, sorry.:neutral_face::neutral_face:


Just wait for the Boss star V. Then you can summon artillery that will 1 shot KO a warlock :smiley: