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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros

Why only ogre-females? why not ogre males? or why not switch between the two?

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The ogre females have slightly better stats than males.

because the game is a reflection of the real life :slight_smile:


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Maybe Fortnite’s Lynx could be an insperation:

Me, my wife and my son do like them.

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Thanks! Did you show it to them? Or did they see it themselves?

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The browser was open on this page and they noticed them.


This is the epic Ogre Dragon Rider:

It’s damage is 200dps(the dragon breaths fire and your health goes down continually, like when someone’s doing drain life on you) and it’s health is 1400
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This is the Human Flagbearer:
He has the ability to give a war cry like effect to allied units 50m around him.
His damage (he also has a sword) is 35dps and his health is 500.
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I thought my drawings looked a bit flat so I’ve done some full colour versions:

Human flagbearer:

I hope you like them. :grin:
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By curiosity, how many of you want to test out Zana? I’ve finished coding up the abilities, but the functionalities are not so great.

  • Yes
  • No

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Price update+Original Art.
Illia: 16000 gems

Zana: 25000 gems

Ursara? Let’s see…


I usually hate giving spoilers, but I guess this time, I’m willing to do so.
Zana Stats:
Health: 160%
Damage: 83.34%
Speed: 11m/s

What about the special abilities, like devour, or sacrifice?

I’ve finished coding them. It’ll tell you when it’s time.

Spoiler #1:
Shield-bubble in action(I finally added the animations!):

PNG Not gif/video :frowning:

I thought the metal half-sphere thing was added a long time ago?

Yeah, but the animation wasn’t added yet to the ability. Now it is.

I have an idea…

Maybe there could be a hero that is more modern. Like a hero designed like a soldier in real life today. The only thing is that for that to happen, the level would have to be more modern and a lot of changes to available inventory to buy using gems would have to be made. It’s just an idea…