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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


So you can fly?!
Cool!!! :smile:


Yes(20 characters for post)


The magma fangrider: damage:30(dps:80)(throws boulders)
Speed:60 per sec.


The best of all, the ogre disintegrater:it cast disintegrate and does 100 per sec health is 100 and speed is 50 per sec.


The ogre bone breaker it hits hard long cool down


At this rate they’re gonna have to rework the whole game altogether! (That’s a good thing by the way :slightly_smiling_face:)


I wonder if this means there’ll be like 200 levels in the volcano campaign… :thinking:Hmm…:joy:


SMaybe enough so we can complete the achievement: complete 500 levels.


The ogre haunter. It casts fear and attacks with decent damage. It is a pretty nice and cool ogre so I bet for the like vote this will win. It has 800 health and does 40 damage(damage per second is 100). Fear cooldown:10 seconds. And type:air. Speed:20. Range:40


Wouldn’t it be cool if dark shamans could also shoot fireballs?
But that would be slightly repetitive…


I’m personally hoping all of those ogres get added into the game.
Which probably means they’ll add a mass update that reworks all ogres from the different campaigns. The game might crash so hard though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Desert has ogre scouts, but that’s about it.)


Ogre flamethrower:

[quote=“Chaboi_3000, post:3, topic:11064”]
ogre flame warlock
Ogre flame warlock:

Ogre knife thrower:

Smasher ogre:

Dark shaman:

Ogre spy:

Lava burl with flame armor:

[quote=“Chaboi_3000, post:14, topic:11064”]
lava guard
Lava guard:
[quote=“Chaboi_3000, post:15, topic:11064”]
lava munchkin
Lava munchkin:
[quote=“Chaboi_3000, post:16, topic:11064”]
mega lava chieftain
Mega lava chieftain:
[quote=“Chaboi_3000, post:19, topic:11064”]
magma headhunter
Best attempt at a magma headhunter:

Magma fangrider:

Ogre disintegrater:

Ogre bone breaker:

Ogre haunter. Behind him is the spirit of Fear itself (as the “fear” spell is cast and made effective through it).

Drop a :heart: if you like these sketches. Credits to @Chaboi_3000 for the wonderful ideas! :smile:


This is awesome! Maybe someday we can both be creators. @Hellenar did you notice that I joined your clan? My account is DaBeast45


My latest thoughts are that there should be an ogre that can summon brawlers.
Name:Dark Ogre Necromancer
Skills:cast(“summon-brawler”) heal devour


Also I want human troops. So maybe a human spy that turns into a paladin when attacking. Health is 800 damage:50


Any new multiplayer arenas? Maybe something like magma dodger at you have to fight while dodging fireballs.


Thank you so much! :blush:


That should DEFINITELY happen. :relaxed:


Howzabout this for a dark ogre necromancer?

Just noticed, he sorta looks like a warlock… :smile:
And a human spy also sounds nice (although I can’t draw one - too hard! :disappointed_relieved:)


Try drawing the sacrificer ogre that cast sacrifice like nalfar and gain 90 of health. Otherwise it shoots beams at you. Health:500 damage:18(dps:30)