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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros

I prefer you blur the spoiler please @Chaboi_3000. People might want a surprise :grin:(Unlike me)


I love that series!(20 chars)

I think they should add a gunslinger on code combat or a cowboy (like clint eastwood or something like that) if you added a gunslinger then no matter what I would buy the subscription gunslinger are my favorite right next to samurais. do you guys have a samurai besides Hattori Hanzō?download (1)

Lava Monster:

It’s a Lava Monster.
Health: 500
Speed: 25
Abilities: Eat (every second with 40 damage), fireball (300 damage, cooldown 5 seconds)

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Ooh, I like this lego-Coco combo! This reminds me of one of my favourite lego themes (just one off topic post) Powerminers! This is what your build made me think of:

It was so good. Any more posts we could probably put in the lego topic…


It says I can’t reply there, “No more 3 consecutive replies” or something like this.

It could be a new type of pet.

That means that if you have replied 3 times in a row to yourself then at least one other person must reply to you before you can reply again. Makes sense? Just so that one topic is just not all “For yourself”.


Ogre Assassin:
I’d love to have some ogre “assassin” that’s super mobile and powerful, but fragile.
Description: Hooded ogre munchkin with a bone dagger.
Health: 150
Attack: 150/hit(150 DPS), 200~600 if Shadow Stab.
Speed: 27 meters/second
Shadow Stab – If the target is within 15 meters, teleport behind the target and backstab them for 200 damage, then do the same for two other targets, if they exist. After hitting all targets, teleport back to the original position. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Hide – Become invisible for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

This should somewhat be a good counter against human troop targets, such as soldiers, archers, and griffin-riders. All of those can be one-tapped by Shaodw Stab. Since the HP is low, if it’s not in the situation where it can use ShadowStab or Hide, then it’s an easy target to kill.


I can try and draw it…

Sorry its a bit cramped :grimacing:


What do you think about this creature?

Sounds a little fast, and 100 DPS seems a bit too strong if this ogre is meant to be munchkin-common.

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Yeah I like it just the like limit… 22 hours!

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I’m horrible with art, especially with only mouse+computer, so it looks really trash, but here’s my image of what might the Ogre Assassin look like(Just a munchkin with a hood+bone dagger slapped on it):


Dwarves in games always remind me of dwarves in Myth series game ) They were planting mines and threw molotov cocktail bottles. Epic guys)


Wow, cool Ogre Assassin!

I could find the backstab!


This is bad? You should see my drawings on computer.

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hey @Chaboi_3000 I think that you should add the minator as like a boss in the game that would be really cool.

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