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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


The new human the tracker. It tracks enemies and hunts. Like Naria of the leaf it can hide. Damage:50(dps:100) health:800 speed:12 hide duration:6 seconds.


The human witch. It can undo spells and has a lot of damage.
Undo cooldown:8 seconds


How can you draw so awesomely? I can’t draw any of that! But you are great @Hellenar!


Thanks @Chaboi_3000, I try to make my drawings the best I can make them in 5 minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great ideas but I think the main focus of CodeCombat is to help people learn code . The developers do not want to side track from that and bring in too many distractions.


Great point @_TD_RodYT. Know that these are just ideas and that I personally do not expect them to actually be added to the campaign. Maybe one or two and that’s about it. Like in the desert the game added ogre scouts and that was all, and in the mountains the game made yetis as a sort of mountain “burl” thang.
It would be amazing if they even just consider adding them though, and maybe it could help with game development and design which also requires plenty of coding, as well as imagination and creativity, which we have been exercising here.
These ideas are just a milestone on the great path of graphic designing :slightly_smiling_face:
(Words of wisdom from Hellenar…lol)
My illustrations are obviously pencil drawings and not graphically designed images, which are a lot harder to make. But hey, even graphic designers gotta put their ideas down on paper first! :blush:


Here is the sacrificer ogre:

And the tracker:

Also the human witch:

Sorry if the light quality in one or more photos is poor…


Nice drawings!
(20 Chars)


Thank you @Luke10! :blush:


You are welcome!
(20 Chars)


I like the idea but I feel like they are really over powered


Well the Hero will become more OP and probably there will be more human characters too that you can get better equipment and more variety of spells e.t.c. Maybe you can be able to create custom heroes choosing hair color hair type skin color shape of body e.t.c.

If code combat followed this then code combat will explode! Though now with the characters there will have to be more worlds and more advanced code to become more creative!

Maybe there could be more hero types too like assassin, dark mages, e.t.c.


Awesome idea, having new ogres.

Not trying to steal any of the spotlight, but it says that Illia (ultimate warrior) forged her weapons. This could mean that you can find her the the Volcano world. Maybe some sort of forge thing.

Just my 2 cents!


I predict that Usara and Illia will be both available in Volcano.

Judging by Ritic’s price, expect Illia to be around 30k gems and Usara to be around 40k gems


Illa is only 16000…


Isn’t that already in a forest level? The one where you have to guess if it’s a real peasant or an ogre in disguise…


According to the thang editor, Usara has not been released.

Illia is confirmed to be 16k gems.

Zana Woodheart (the Ultimate Ranger), is 25k gems.

Also, if you look at the commit message for Illia, it says that she is a hero, but in beta. This either confirms she will be unlocked in the Glacier…



That was probably a special, referee-created effect. If there were an actual unit like that though…:scream::laughing:




Okay, I take that back now :joy: