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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


Pretty cool!!!


nice pics!:heart_eyes:


how about the razor flamethrower ogre
shoots flaming razordiscs


That is the flame headhunter.


oh(must be at least 20 chars)


Here’s the photos for the non released heros.
fullsizeoutput_4 fullsizeoutput_5 fullsizeoutput_6



They look epic! I’m particularly interested in how the abilities for the characters will play out. One of the devs said that Usara’s abilities will be hard to code, but it’ll pay off.

Sooo excited :heart_eyes:!


Why are we suddenly talking about unreleased heros in the middle of an idea of having different ogres?


I don’t know…Maybe somehow it got mixed up and instead of new ogres we are discussing new heroes.
Or maybe we eventually began to anticipate the Volcano world because of the new ogre ideas, leading to users asking about the release date of new heroes.


We are soon releasing Illa if in schedule.


I like the graphics on the characters. But as @Seojin_Roy_Lee mentioned, this topic is on New types of ogres. But feel free to create a separate topic with you idea.


It says ‘New types of ogres and heros’


What are they? I know Ursara and Illa


There are also Zana a pixie.


Ranger, Warrior, or Wizard?


It is a ranger whose type is a pixie


okay(must be 20 chars)


:frowning: lost all my loves so i can’t love your comment


Please create a different topic about this


Actually, I think they somehow changed the name of this topic to “New types of ogres AND heroes”.