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[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


Yeah(must be 20 chars)


Yep it would be easier that way.


Oh ok. i get you(20 Chars).


I don’t know how you know all this can you reply to me with the link


??? What do you mean???


@mastercoder827 is trying to say is there a link where you got all this information about heroes and ogres.

I don’t think there is a link or for all the information we are receiving (if there is I might like to see it too). Just that some of the people on this topic are more connected with Code Combat and are able to get non-released information. Some information though is on Code Combat itself though and you can look at their stats while in the a level or when buying heroes(it is easier to see stats in game a level of game development). If you want information on anything you can just ask as well. If there isn’t a link and you would like one somebody can probably get one.


thanks @BobBobson412


Should I buy Okar? I don’t want to waste my gems.


Okar’s got lots of health… but is very slow
Also, this is a post for ideas, not opinion on what to spend your gems on.


Sorry. Also, will there be enough room for the new heros?


Yes :wink: (20 characters)


Where will the heroes be? Like, in the heroes screen.


The heroes should go in the space between Okar Stompfoot and Ritic the Cold and scoot down the names and description. Besides that they could over lap, shrink, or have a choosing section(a box you select on then select on the hero and get it’s description and buy the hero. It wouldn’t be that hard to fit the heroes in. But I think the heroes will just scoot down the information and that would be the easiest way to do it.


I was thinking of a new island where you get stuck in the Minoutaur’s Maze (from Greek Mythology). You could combine some bull features (sand-yak works) with other characters to create half bull, half enemy characters with a lot of health. They could have an army of magical sand-yaks which hunt you down, for example. During the island, you get to borrow a pet which is a good scout( the baby flying cat, perhaps?) . At the end you could have to fight with the Minotaur himself : a huge brute with about 3000 health with the ramming horns of a sand-yak. Do you like the idea?


Also, why not be able to code our own characters?


The Minotaur sounds super overpowered. Maybe the island update could also include the launch of some better items so it’s a fair match?

(Insane coding skills still required.)


Good point. Maybe we should get things such as a sword that shoots lightning bolts (damage: high) or maybe a new power : a holographic avatar which gives you your health x 100 and causes a lot of damage.


How do you create yoour own thangs?


I have an idea for a new spell book. It’s called, "Pages of the Abyss."
Cast Sinkhole: Creates a sinkhole and when an enemy goes over it, it slows down their movement, and they start taking in damage. The hole starts out at a radius of 3, but it increases by 3 for every higher number book.


I am thinking of adding a spell called Volcanic Eruption.