[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


New post!
New level created by me, might get released here so keep an eye on this topic!


I made a topic on Multiplayer strategies. Please comment :yum:



I will be waiting for the level


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Don’t post on one thread asking people to post on another thread. It will just make the forums much more confusing and messy.




Unfortunately, you can’t create your own thangs.


Great ideas guys! :smiley: Hopefully they come true. :smiley:


Maybe there could be a robot in the air that shoot’s lazers shooting at you?


Shooting* :sweat_smile:


is shooting* :sweat_smile:




Grammar. :sweat_smile:



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That way, will Illa Sheildsmith’s uncle will be in the ogres side???


Because her uncle was taken in captive by the ogres.


Captured but possibly still trying to escape?
Or dead D:

but wait
wat if uncle is not kill?



Then Illa Sheildsmith’s other uncle is Okar? Because Okar is Thoktar’s brother. Or maybe her father is Okar.


Also, her uncle was a blacksmith, not a wizard.


I think that if I finish the rest of the levels, I’ll have enough gems to get ritic, but then I’ll barely have enough gems for the other heroes. Would there be any easy way of getting gems without simulating (because that would take to long.)?


25,000 gems is only $20 USD. I don’t know where you live or how old you are but I would work, do chores, sell some of my stuff, or do whatever it took to make $20. It’s not really all that much money.

When I was young (around 10 - 12 years old), I made up a bunch of business cards by hand using 3X5 index cards (we didn’t have printers back then). I then pedaled my bicycle all over town putting them in peoples’ mail boxes. I offered yard services and to do odd jobs. I got calls to mow lawns, rake leaves, and all kinds of strange work. I even cut up a fallen elm tree that died from Dutch Elm Disease and was over two feet in diameter at the trunk with nothing but an ax (I didn’t have a chainsaw) and stacked it all into firewood. Once word got out that I worked hard and did a good job, I had more people call me. I even had a widowed old lady call me just to put her trash out on the curb once a week and return the empty cans to the side of her garage later the same day. No job was too small and as long as I could get there in about an hour I’d ride my bicycle to do any job.

Because I grew up on a farm I was no stranger to hard work. I worked hard doing things that other people just didn’t want to do. I put a smile on their face and they put money in my pocket.

Have you seen the book by our dear leader and creator of CodeCombat called, The Motivation Hacker? Nick is one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever heard of. He didn’t accomplish anything by waiting for someone else to do things for him or for $20 to fall into his lap. The world belongs to the energetic. Intelligence alone, without ambition, is a useless attribute.

Do an internet search for ideas on how to make money and I’ll bet you’ll find something that will work for you. Heck, make $80 and buy 100,000 gems. Or even more and get a lifetime subscription if you don’t have one already. You are your only limiting factor.


How much would that be in Australian money? :question: