[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


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Ooooooooooooook people, slow down here.

@Seojin_Roy_Lee: I wrote the backstory for Illa, and Okar has no relation to Thoktar. Illa’s uncle was taken captive by the ogres, and he went missing. It is assumed he is not seen again. Once again, Okar has no relation to the Shieldsmith family (Illa’s family). Illa’s uncle is a blacksmith.

Also, this was a thread for ogres and heroes. Please don’t:

A): Necropost. Don’t bump old threads. Let them die, please.
B): Talk about anything else irrelevant. It, as @maka mentioned, gets very, very messy once all these ideas are mixed up.
C): Please move the currency discussion to another thread.

Whew! That was a long post.


Hi folks,

So, we have some story for the heroes and it’s not owned by any one – feel free to write up your own backstory for your own enjoyment, but no one owns it.

So Endercore79’s story is Endercore79’s story, but feel free to create your own. Do you want a fan fiction forum?

But, Endercore79’s right about trying to keep topics neat and organized. If every thread is on every topic, it’s very difficult to be organized and find things.

Also, currency converters are a Google search away – let’s try to keep the threads neat.


I am working on the paladin right now I hope it turns out good.



I think it’ll be good


I am drawing the paladin right now.


So far that is it.
(20 characters)


EDIT: I am drawing more yay


@Hellenar What pencils do you use?



I use this one :slightly_smiling_face:




It’s A W.I.P
(work in progress)

Turns into a paladin when attacking


There he is yayyyyyyyyyy


Is that the future new type of paladin?


I just use mechanical pencils; for some reason they work better for me. I like to use 0.5 and 0.7 lead pencils and I use an ordinary Pink Pearl eraser. Simple, but they work.

Nice paladin! Your paladin’s armor looks way more OP than mine :+1:


Dang it! I lost all of my mechanical pencils yesterday.