[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


It’s okay, I think wooden pencils work just as fine. I only use mechanical pencils because I’m too lazy to go sharpen them regularly :joy: (also no one likes a really dull pencil)


Thus we threw out our sharpener the only one I have is in my school.


hmm…I can’t really think of any alternatives but I know a few drawing apps??


I just found one mechanical pencil. I normally do my homework at my school.


Oh, great! I was just going to recommend this link (might take some getting used to) but I’m glad you found one! Drawing Desk is also a nice app I’d recommend for drawing on an iPad or something.


Sometimes on the computer I use pixlr



Yeah, the mech pencils make the drawings more “enchanted” than the normal pencils XD


can i try and edit it???


what??? when???


Soon (20 characters.)


Maybe to deal with that you also need a new friend unit .


@everyone, Illa’s presense is back! XD She’s in hiding right now and the developers are trying to find her!!
Note: This is just a fan art of what it might look like but, the abilities are real and the stats are real.


Technically she is ready. But her abilities don’t have visual part yet. She is Tier3 hero so we want that her abilities look cool and unique like Ritic’s.


The only current tier 3’s are Ritic but Ursara and Illa will add to the tier 3 so soon, Ritic won’t be lonely anymore.


You know something that I don’t know? :wink:


I found out that Ritic is actually Tier4 and so Ursara and Illa are also gonna be Tier4 instead of Tier3. Nalfar and the other Gem heroes are Tier3. Hattori, Amara, and Hushbaum are Tier2 and the starter heroes are Tier1


Invisible abilities might be awesome too XD. Then the opponent won’t know. :joy:


@everyone, devs saw Ursara destroying the ogres!!! Little is known about her powers but they know that they will find out soon!!! Devs got to interview her. All she said to the devs was, “Shadow is the best.”

Note: This is just a fan art of what it might look like in the heroes bar.


Is that the actual skills?


Nope (20 characters)