[Idea] New types of ogres and heros


I just thought it will match her best :slight_smile:


looks cool though. 20


Ritic the cold outwits amara arrowhead in every status (or equals to), so if you buy ritic, then you only need to use amara to challenge yourself.


It’s ok to make your own mock-ups, but make sure to put a note that explains that it is your fan-art and not official.



@maka is Illa coming soon? I remember you saying she’s going to get released in the spring season.


Yeah i agree. When is she coming


This doesn’t sound like me. :slight_smile:

Illia is still forging her weapons. It’s possible she’ll be out for fall, but the truth is we are focusing our energies at other areas of the game right now.

We have written up some of her abilities and I even have some art for them, but they’re not ready to go.