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Idea Suggestions Thread

hypixel skyblock swords (mage weapons)

DO you know thoktars discarded hammer?

(what do you acctualy mean)

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You can see it in thang editor

Holy Hand Grenade(ranger secondary):
description: it’s a remnant from the old times. still works!
dmg: 500
radius: 20 metres
cooldown 15 seconds
holy vibe: your friends receive a 50 percent dmg bonus and you launch 5 holy hand grenades in a 0.5 radians arc good against swarms and/or chieftains cooldown: 35 seconds
cost: 5500

The cost should be: 5600

Seems a little op imo.

ranger primary weapon
description: its great for becoming more like buddy the elf
dmg: 5
dps: 25
kb: 1 metre
cost: 1100
frozen craze:
you throw 50 times per second but kb is reduced to 0.25 metres and dmg decreased by 50%

your not allowed to ask for hearts


Yea, maybe i did give it too much range…

New Suggestion;
Precision Bowman
Description: Ranged unit similar to an archer that has further reach and better Damage , but can’t hit enemies that are too close, so keep enemies at a distance!
HP: 7
Ability: Hypersonic Speed
Ability Description: Speeds up the fire rate to 5 arrows per sec for 2 seconds. 27 second cooldown
Class: Glass Cannon
Range: 30-60 m
Damage: 20 (18 DPS)
Rate of fire: 9 arrows per 10 sec (.9 arrows per sec)

what is the cost @Ian_Spurgeon?

Cost: 50 (20 characters)

Maybe make cost 41 :grinning:

nah lets keep it 50


7 health is the same health of a peon

golden combat knife:
DMG: 60
DPS 126
skill: removes 15% of your enemies health and gives it to you while you lose 15% of your damage
cost: 3100