Idea Suggestions Thread

Boss star XX

obtained by getting every item in the game (yes even the lvl 66)

once obtained, it summons anything (caltrops, cows, yaks etc) for the cheap price of 10000 gold!

gives u -1 gold per second

yea, its just a trophy

Lava Sword

Long ago this sword was forged in the heart of the might
Eldjfall volcano and burns anything that it strikes.



slashes any enemy with the sword within 10 inches, burning the target for
20 seconds, taking 20 damage every second.

Cooldown 30 seconds





30000 :gem:

what is the dps? if the dps is 150 then change the cost to 2500


should be a item u get from the last level,

or maybe it would turn into a mmporg with a volcano to explore… (d-D-Dd-dD DorA) and you pull it out of the center, kinda like how u pull the infinity blade from fortnite chapter 1, season 4

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Or inches.

Agreed. It is also rly cool.

Yeah, or at the level where you will get Boss Star 5

No, they say meters :]

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oH. ok charsssssssssssss

Im starting to wonder if codecombat has no limits

Shield Ogre.


Health = 100

powerup: holds shield up and blocks 60 precent projectiles.
cooldown: 4 secs

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i wish there was a way to get old versions of the game

i think for people who can’t afford code combat they would work out a deal and for people that have plenty of money they don’t need to give it free because we can afford it

that would be kinda complex tho

the thing you need to think about is that if they gave the whole game free then they probably would go bankrupt and there would be no code combat

Thank you, ive been waiting for someone to say that

yup(santa said that he would give sis subscription but 5 levels and you need to sub. )

so i had to give her the game dev hoc 1 2 3’s

i mean like places they are reaching out to they are not going to charge them for code combat

Bryukh bundle

Bryukh pet: cost 100000 gems
abbility: world edit, gain the abbility to controll the map and mobs (do not give this fluffy pet to a evil super villan)

art by saerradopt

Bryukh chestplate: cost, 12000
allows you to get lvl 66 (no, not for free, you must grind the xp) allows you to get the Bryukh’s minion title on codecombat discourse xp gain is buffed by Bryukh’s iq% (probably like 2 billion as he makes very good ai league levels)
bryukh sword: cost: 35k gems (yes i am lazy to type three 0’s)
abbility, fear admin strength, use evry 10 seconds to get a permanant strength buff and a radar that gives the fear effect to anything near it. DPS:234, dph, 50.65

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it would be a duo pet, ice and fire, just like Bryukh’s pfp