Idea Suggestions Thread

that’s a great idea

dumbs 20 chars

sword of destiny:
dps 250
dmg 83.3
PowerUp: dps is doubled for 10 seconds
the cooldown is 20 seconds.
cost: 9000
unlock lvl: 20


cost kinda high tho, maybe like 4/5k?

It is quite OP too tho…

It can do 500 dps for 10 seconds…

nah, because powerUp takes a while usually, and it’s not like you can’t use fear if you’re using a wizard, or just invisibility for any hero and run away while the opponent is powered up

Although, yeah, it is for 10 secs… hmm

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did i finally make a balanced weapon?


I would say you did :)


Maybe unlock an item when you do all of the levels, or get to level 41 :thinking:

new item:
Watching the doritos topic:
cost: free (JusT cLIcK wATcHINg)
what it does: overwelms your hero with notifications, thus giving -69% stats