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Ideas for New Weapons

i beat you with red team

my red team hero has only lost once in 70 games (to archion)

(20 games later)

lost to deadpool (82 out of 84 games won)

somebody has boots wings

(20 boots of wings)

IDK from what i heard is that chaboi is dabeast45

I use krita, and a wacom tablet.

That is correct.
And if you wouldn’t mind, could you also keep lengthy discussions in private messages, unless they’re directly connected.

Even though I have boots with wings, I can’t fly because my armor is too heavy for that. :frowning: Anyway, morning’s edge is pretty fast.

Do you have morning’s edge? I can’t remember what it came from. Was it a timed one like Wyvernclaw?

what’s a timed weapon?

so boot wings works with weight?

It’s one which was released in a specific level for a limited time.
(Wyverclaw, Master sword…)

oh like the master sword

what did the summon fangrider do ? did it summon a fangrider that was on your team

Ya (20 characters yay)

maybe another timed weapon will come

I hope so. Maybe it could be a Spear like guy_oy said.

how come they dont have challenge levels for the other worlds