Ideas for New Weapons

Staff of the wind:

Cost: 9000
Unlock Level: 32

Damage: 15 (105 DPS)
Range: 50m

hurricane: slowness effect on all enemies within range (does not go through walls, no cooldown, must use actively, casting time: 0.1s)

blast: releases a strong burst of wind that knocks back all enemies (within range) 2 meters and stuns them for 1 second (does not go through walls, cooldown: 20s, casting time: 1s)

tornado: makes hero have a 10-meter aura that does 25 dps and makes hero take 50% less damage from projectiles (goes through walls, cooldown: 60s, duration: 5s, casting time: 0.5s)

This mysterious staff was forged from the pure essence of wind found deep within the mountains of the empire of Zephyr, it is the only one of the four staffs of the elements that hasn’t been destroyed

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This looks similar to the windstorm wand (not the abilities, but the description and the whole idea of a 'wind" wand)

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I dont think so as in post 140

Cost: 12800 Gems
Attack Damage: 75
DPS: 175
Description: A sword made of pure ice, it is said that any enemy that gets hit by this sword will get frozen to the bone. Only the coldest of adventurers can wield this sword.
Passive Abilities:
Any hit enemy loses 50% of their movement speed for 2 seconds(Does not stack)
Active Ability:
Cast a blizzard around you, freezing enemies for 5 seconds. Frozen enemies take 25% extra damage.
Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Unfortunately, I have 0 artistic talents. :frowning: @Deadpool198 it would be grateful if you can “draw” it if you ever have the time :wink:

Idea by Chaboi

Also speed ring increase spd and tarnished bronze ring increase health, so mine could maybe also increase knockback.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when I wrote it but I decided to post it anyway, plus windstorm wand could use some creativity & improvements

The groundbreaker staff.

This staff has the power to deal attacks spanning a wide area but is lost to time, only to be found by you.

Damage: 0 DPS: 0
Abilities: Groundbreak: Cast a groundbreaking spell that spans 15 meters, deals 110 damage, and stuns(1s) to all enemies within. Cooldown: 4

Cost: 4500💎

Must have some dps and dph, if it has 0 it should be in a book/belt/whatever

This staff is like a extremely slow high radius AOE weapon.

Are joke weapons allowed?

Like what about a literal twig, but it’s been magically enhanced and casts random effects on enemies
Poison, Burn, Freeze, Electricity etc.

the sacred toofpaste:
brushes the ogre’s teeth with the toofpaste
makes u invunurable as toofpaste best
cost: say toofpaste best

The Chosen Ring

This ring can only be worn by the chosen one as it chooses the hero who can harness its power. It grants the chosen one a powerful and long-lost shout. Could you be the one it is looking for?

Ability: AncientShout - Shouts a deafening cry of pure terror. Limits all enemies in the radius( Except other heros as in arenas) to half its attack speed. It also slows them down by half of its original speed. Lasts 6 seconds. Cooldown:15 seconds. Radius; 15m Cost: 3500💎

The Leader’s ring

Crafted by the Supreme Leader of the humans, this ring grants the wearer a warcry so powerful that the leader hid it. It has been lost for 3000 years, only to be found by you.

Ability: Warcry - Shouts a deafening cry of pure encouragement. Boost allies’ attack speed to 2 times its present speed. It also speeds allies’ speed to 2 times . Lasts 6 seconds. Cooldown:15 seconds. Radius; 15m Cost: 3500💎

The Shield of Love

Even After Ned Fulmer’s removal, his shield’s everlasting ability did not die out. Instead, the ability is locked in the shield. All users’ using this shield will be granted everlasting invulnerbility with pure love.

Health + 345
Blocks: 50%
Abilities: HeartShield: Nullifies any damage delt to the hero for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 4 seconds
Cost: 3600💎

The Scimitar
Forged out of the hottest flames of the volcano, this sword was passed down, generation by generation, only to be found by you. The user of this sword will be granted with the ability of Fire itself.
Abilities: Firestorm: Rains Fire in a specific area. All enemies hit by the storm get damaged 500. Cooldown: 24 sec.
Flame shield: Creates a shockwave that knocks enemies behind 20 meters. Health gets boosted by 200. Cooldown: 17
Cost: 9000💎

500 Dmg is a lot! Why not reduce it to 250? Also, please state the radius and duration of the firestorm. But it is a nice idea

I have a idea for 6 accesories.
Sandy Star
has a 10 percent chance to drop when beating a replayable lvl
abbility: +15 healing and your damage comes in 4 timed out bursts.
Icy Feather
permanantly claimed if you’re ever top 50in capture the flag.
abbility: speed + 10. Death Defiance. If you die, instead of dying, heal 40% of your health and be invincable for 3 seconds. Can be used once per level.
Prime Skull
given to winners of AI leagues (in every age bracket)
Abbilities: +25 damage.Switchable abbilities. Abbility 1: Shadow Presance. Every 7 attacks, you become invisable for 2.5 seconds and regenerate 0.5 hp per second. Abbility 2: Skull Bonk. Makes your weapon made out of diamond skulls and oneshots anything (health cap of enemy: 1250. Excludes bosses and heroes) but have -40% hp
Goblet of Chance.
claimed when beating the entire codecombat campaign (non-sub)
abbilities: +50 starting gold. Drink of Chance. Use 50 gold for a mysterious potion. 10% chance of 20% dmg buff, 50% chance of 200 hp heal, 35% chance of 5 sec of invis and 5% of doubling your current gold.
and finally,
The Tablet of Shadows
2.5% chance of dropping from any level
abbility: +15% dodge chance. Abbility. Gain 25% dodge chance for 5 seconds for a price of 75 hp.

if you like my ideas, please leave a :heart: below.


How do you get these 2?

You have a 10% chance of getting the sandy star every time you beat a replayable level (e.g. Cavern Survival), and the Tablet of Shadows has a 2.5% chance of dropping every time you beat any level.

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see this stuff. If yall think they need nerfs, tell me (or buffs)