Ideas for New Weapons

i feel like prime skull is a bit too op

lil bit NERFED (prime skull is supa hard 2 get now)


I edited it(20 chars)

I mean, that’s actually a decent idea but if it’s random it might sometimes put an op effect and that would be, well… OP, lol

But then a lot of people would try to get it and instead of doing the actual campaign, try to get a weapon to brute force it

health gets boosted by a small number that scales off enemies damage maybe, like: 0.4 * sum(enemyDamage), also, the ability is better suited for armor than a sword

Riptide (Idea gotten from Percy Jackson’s weapon)
Once used by the son of Poseidon, this lethal blade can turn into a ballpoint pen. Relatively easy to carry around.
Damage: 55, DPS:165
Abilities: hero.transform(): Turn Riptide into a ballpoint pen. Hero’s speed will be increased by 3m/s. Takes 0.5 Seconds to cast. Cannot attack while it is in pen form. hero.transformBack(): Use 0.5 seconds to turn the ballpoint pen back to Riptide and enable the hero to fight again, but slows the hero by 3m/s.
Cost: 2900 gems

Nice idea! Are there any parameters for this weapon?

Parameters? (20 chars)

Meaning anything that goes into the parentheses (these). In the case of move() & moveXY(), they are coordinates.

Oh! There is nothing inside the brackets.

oh, ok. 20charsmustburn

for the humor
Rick Astley
type: pet
ability: rick roll
all entites die of cringe
cost: 99999

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Type: shield
This shield has the face of Medusa engraved on it. It strikes fear deep into the hearts of the enemy.
Health + 435
Blocks: 66.66%
Abilities: fearWave(enemy): Cast a wave of fear at a 70-degree angle 15m from the hero. All enemies in that radius will receive 50 dmg (due to shock) and be driven back for 2 seconds. It can be used with or without the parameter enemy. If the “enemy” parameter is present, the wave will be cast in the direction of the enemy, if not, the wave will be cast where the hero is facing.
Cost: 3900💎

ah yes. Aegis shield of chaos
maybe u could do varatha the eternal spear and the twin fists of malphon next!

Weapon Name: Stickbug
Abilities: turn the screen into a giant stickbug image
Description: #stickbug
Cost: 1

The Helm of Darkness (For all hero types)
As Hades’ symbol of power, this helm can turn anyone into a shadow, granting them the ability to pass through walls and invisibility.

Health + 300
shadow() : turns the hero into a shadow, thus allowing them to pass through walls and traps. Cooldown: 10 secs. Lasts: 3 secs

Cost: 3200💎

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Woah pass through walls? I feel like it needs to be a bit more expensive because even Ritic can’t do that.

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helm of darkness actually turns people invisible, not into a shadow