I'm at my first million :D :D (simulations)




God job for getting that many gems, but that’s ten thousand, not a million.


I believe he’s referring to the number of simulations as a million.


no he is right it is 10000


The pic wherein you see 10315 is the number of gems he has. I believe the million that he’s referring to is the number of simulations.


Are you refering to the simulations or gems?


(2000000000 characters)


I just put that picture there. lol


Sorry, should have actually read the post.:grin:


It’s okay lol :rofl:


How do you guys get so many simulations, I started doing some and got 17000 (in like 8 hours) but I had to stop because it was making our computer really slow and I had to stop and it was a big mac ( the computer not a burger). :grin: