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I'm Bored (So Help)

Hi guys! since no one is mostly active in he places I usually talk at, the number of notifications I get are lower. Since I come here when I’m bored, I keep on being bored and if there aren’t any notifications I roll around on the carpet. So to prevent that I made this so I get more notifications.

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I’m SO bored tooo…

I can’t tell. (20 hackers trying to hack this website :laughing: jk)

What is your best warrior armour? (Can we spam here?)

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Here is mine

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Idk if we can spam. My best armour is the dragonplate armor. I don’t have any headgear tho

Here is mine
Annotation 2020-05-11 091437

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On what level are you? Oh, and nice profile picture, @kementari!



Umm… how do I check my level again?

I mean on what level are you working to solve?

Ohh. ok. I’m on Hunting Party in Cloudrip Mountain [EDIT]: what about you?

I finished all the free levels and a couple of paid ones.

Ooh nice job. How long did it take to do all the levels? :smiley:

On the last ones 6 or 7 hours and most time on the Kelvintaph ones and on Summits Gate.

What is the cutest pet in Code Combat?

  • Coguar
  • Wolf Pup
  • Raven
  • Mouse
  • Baby Griffin
  • Polar Bear
  • Blue Fox
  • Pugicorn
  • Pugicorn and Baby Griffin
  • All of them are so cute!!!

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best helmet is viking helm. it increase bash damage by 3x and gives 50 hp

For real I have been in the house for 3 months so I need something like this!

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No spam here please…

ok fine i will nottie

which country do you live in?