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I'm Bored (So Help)

Thanks, guys!!!
Sorry for late reply :disappointed_relieved:

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What is this topic for?

So I can get more notifications and reply and be happy and talk to everyone.

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Wait off-topicness is totally acceptable here?

Yeah it is. Scroll up and read all 285 messages.

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Wow, being used to the Hopscotch forum, this’ll be very different.

When did you change your profile pic…?

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Just a second ago. The last one was temporary.

(for 2019)

Most Likes Received:

@Deadpool198: 295 :heart:
@Chaboi_3000: 287 :heart:
@brooksy125: 137 :heart:
@MunkeyShynes: 117 :heart:
@xython: 74 :heart:

Most Likes Given:

@Luke10: 462 :heart:
@Chaboi_3000: 312 :heart:
@Deadpool198: 189 :heart:
@stephanie: 77 :heart:
@baggins1919: 70 :heart:

That’s it? Man people are stingy around here. How many likes is someone allowed to give in a day?

50 likes per day(20)

295 liked post for a year is not alot, I’ve joined discourse about a month ago and I already received 242 post liked.

At my 54 days I liked more than 920 posts.

You joined discourse 54 days?

No, I joined about year, but I was on forum only 54 days.

I’m one of those people who would use up all my likes every day just because.

Well, that’s not really how we do likes here. It is called a “like” after all. If you actually “like” the post, then like it. But don’t use all your likes just because you can, it ruins the point of having them.