Important Conversation: Friends that could be created to be companions to our heros


Continuing the discussion from Announcement: Pets:

Ok so since we started talking about CodeCombat making friends to the heros. Ok so lets here what all of your ideas are! NO BAD IDEAS!!!

Announcement: Pets

Make a pet (probably something that looks like a dog made out of lava) and let it set everything within 5 meters of itself on fire (and cause damage while the effect lasts)


I love my phoenix :wink:


How do you have this stufff!!!
Tell me please! Is it a dev environment thing???


LOL XD (20 characters)


@Chaboi_3000 is probably just editing HTML (I don’t even know anymore.)

Also I think nick told us there is a way to give yourself full access to everything by editing some part of the source code. (Forgot what post he put it on)


This is off-topic. Lets stay with the topic created

In the meantime, Do you have any ideas relevant to the topic?


I did. Look up.

I was replying to @Chaboi_3000

if i’m off topic Chaboi_3000 is off-topic too.

Also, by telling me I am off-topic, you are off-topic too.


OK, OK, OK. Lets just stop arguing and continue our conversation about companions and heros


Ok guys, CHILL. :sunglasses:


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Every notifications are likes ones from you @Deadpool198, plz chill and stop spam liking posts for badges. It’s getting really annoying


there is a different topic for random things.


All I just said was chill.