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In-Clan Duels - Turnat


Is there a way to duel the members of your clan to have like a clan tournament?


Yes. Go to your clan page, then click the clan ladder links in the upper right. Any clan members who have submitted to a ladder will be listed there in your clan ladder, so you can have your own private clan arena and scoring for that.

So to set up a tournament, just make sure to get a bunch of people from your clan playing at the same time.


In the BackWood’s forest, it want’s the user to go to the dueling grounds. Because the students, yes I am in school, went there and did the warmup, is there another arena like the dueling grounds that is strictly fighting and not coin collection etc. If not, is there a way that the dueling grounds data can be reset. Please keep in mind that I am not the clan leader, as my teacher is, but I can give him instructions on how to reset the data and such.


Cavern Survival is a good one–simple to do, mostly fighting. (You are fighting the ogres, but you can also run over to your opponent’s side and fight them, too.)


Can I fight enemies with a friend. I mean be allies and fight enemies together.


Not yet, but it’ll be fun when we have the time to build that feature. Not sure when we will get to it.