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Is hero level 37 possible (free to play)

it’s just a bug I am tried to tell to the staff many times

Then why are you taking advantage of it

because I want to play in the mutiplayer

will you just stop(im frustrated)

ok bye


how to talk with a staff who can help me

go to users and find @Deadpool198 or @Chaboi_3000 or @nick or any other staff

We’re aware of this. I don’t think it’s a massive problem to be honest. Just don’t tell everyone you can find.
It’s certainly not going to get fixed any time soon.

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Ok i flagged him, hope he stops spamm post and stop hack

@EpicCoder999 Yes, I can, but I cannot)

Don’t overestimate meaning of defeats\wins with one player. Time after time you get less\more score points.


And only there)

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ok bye have a good day

ok (20 characters sux )

cya later!!!

i see u replying (jeremy)

bye(20 characters is the most anoyingest thing in the world)

ikr rite!!!

yes i sawyou tooo(20 chars)

I hate to quote myself, but I don’t think I should have to tell you twice.
Please keep it to the purpose of the forum. If you want to say stuff like “bye” or “ok”, please do it in PMs, or just like their last post to show that you’ve finished the conversation.

is level 66 iss possible

It is not. That level was chosen as a way to display the item, while it was still under development. Once it has been fully developed, it will be change to a more appropriate level. Until then, it is unobtainable.

An please DON’T start the ‘I found the hack’ rant again!