Is it possible to ask friends to pickup coins?

To improve my score, i tried to comand my soldiers to pick up coins as soon as there is no enemy.

When I write :
item = friend.findNearest(friend.findItems())

It appears that my friends are not able to find items.

Thank you,


If you have the Boss Star II or higher you can command peasants to move and collext coins. (You’ll need a Boss Star III+ to summon them.)

Thank you for your fast reply Trotod !

To be clear, your friends should be able to see (identify) coins with the code you mentioned, which may be useful to you. But if you want to command them to pick them up, you’ll need the Boss Star as explained by @trotod

By the way, friends usually have a findNearestItem() method, see e.g. here (under programming.HasAPI)