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Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

As you might have saw in some of the other posts that I made it is the easiest thing in the world to make the levels still closed to you easily accessible. You just need to go into the html editor on the web browser you are on. It is more convenient for me to just show the hack/bug/cheat on Microsoft edge.
Dear editors you have full permission to delete this thread once you have read it in order to prevent this from happening another time.

first you need to go to code combat play. Then, you right click on any “PLAY” button with your cursor, and click inspect element.
then you go to this part and say copy.

once you have that in your clip board you go to a locked level, and right click that level. and go to the part of the code that says

the part highlighted in blue, and click the expand tab next to it, and right click the top one, and click edit as HTML.
then once you’ve got that, delete the word I highlighted in blue.
after you have done that,
expand the

> <div class="campaign-label">...</div> part

find the part highlighted n the bottom picture, and click edit as HTML. Erase all the stuff that is in there, and paste the code of the button you copied into into the place you erased.
now you have s fully functioning hacked level.

written by Yurata

I don’t think this matters with most levels, as you can use the direct link (putting the level name in the CodeCombat URL e.g. But does it work with Subscriber levels?
p.s. welcome back to the Forum!

I’ll check if it works on subscrier levels. If it works… it is a major security issue.

I am happy to announce that the subscriber levels are not hackable (maybe) I will update once I figure out more.