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isNaN not working ? anymore, or what am I doing wrong?


Hi guys!

Well today I used the function isNaN() to write some code for gold rush…
Everything worked even isNaN()…
But now suddenly isNaN stopped working ?!
Please try it out yourself, I for myself rechecked 10 times, but maybe you see my error at a glance.
thank you guys, please help :*(

greetz c4tti

I googled for it and integrated now my own isNaN function, it looks like its working again.
this.myisNaN = function(obj) {
// NaN is the only value for which === is not reflexive.
return obj !== obj;



Sorry about that! I’ve been hacking on the builtin protection all day today and didn’t realize I’d inadvertently protected some of the builtins a little too well. Thanks for the heads up. I’m deploying the fix now.