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It Doesn't Let Me Play Multiplayer


I Was Looking At Multiplayer Treasure Grove And Then I Clicked Play As Blue Team And Then I Clicked Warm Up And Then It Took Me Too

The First Problem Is Evertyime I Try To Login With My G-Mail Account On The Website It Says

The Second Problem Is Every Time I Try To Do Multiplayer It Takes Me To That Website So I Can’t Do Multiplayer So I Don’t Have The Right Equipment To Use And It Doesn’t Save My Progress.

Thanks. :grinning:


Just Read This But I Still Can’t Play Multiplayer.

Thanks. :grinning:

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Try contacting Nick for problems like these, that way he can help you.

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Ok. Thanks. :grinning:

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Just play on instead of for this one; you can’t login via Google on


Ok. Thank You For Your Advise. :grinning:

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