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Java Script help


Can someone please help me with “The Agrippa Defense”, (or the ogre-encampent, im not sure)? I don’t know what I’m supposed to there. :cry:


Post what code you have so far. Nobody is just going to give you working code. explain whats happening and what you are expecting to happen.


What you are suppose to do in the aggripa defense is kill all the ogres using cleave


A great way to practice JavaScript is go to https://about:blank and then open out your JS console. That way, you can get better at it:


*(Edit: Just noticed that I totally went off-topic when replying to Shoodong. I’m sorry for that. Still you can use online JS-compilers to train outside of CodeCombat, so I leave this post here).

I recommend some more… professional approaches. They usually feature syntax highlighting, error detection ect.: (<- This is probably the most helpful link)


The title is JavaScript help. I wanted to help. I forgot to read this post: