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Junk Talk Topic


why is it onSpawn(e)


Does it make a difference?


Well okay it’s better but still why

also the code doesn’t work if i >= 5/6


So what would i do t make it better. Shoild i put 4 or something


it is giving me this error and phase shift is not working


Maka has asked that we do not clutter the forums up with these silly topics. Please keep it all in the the original silly topic please

closed #54


Talk about game theories and film theories.



Mario constantly punches yoshi.




If you look closely.



As you see in the video he makes luigi a laughing stock by giving hitting him on the back and stepping on his shoe.


Mario is mean to his friends.


So just for clarification what is the purpose of this topic? Personally, My favorite video games are nba 2k18 and madden 18.


Just theories.:yum::yum::yum: about video games and tv shows and movies.


I don’t get the Mudkipz joke.


Hmm. Mine’s fortnite.


It looks cool but I can’t play it.