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Junk Talk Topic


Oh ok so kinda like fortnight

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Do you play both? If not, then you won’t know which is better,

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No i don’t play any shooting games

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  • Spiderman
  • Deadpool

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do an option for both


It has to be only 1:rofl::rofl:


Very hard choice.:yum:


I made a diffrent topic for polls.


Exactly. (20 :spider_web::crossed_swords: :spider_web::crossed_swords: :spider_web::crossed_swords: :spider_web::crossed_swords: :spider_web::crossed_swords: :spider_web::crossed_swords: )


Finally got omega!


It looks sick. It’s just so cool!


Nice! :smiley:
(I spend $0 on that game)


Why does he/she/it look like a robot?

Also, why is he/she/it standing on this platform of light thingy and let you stare at him/her/it?

Also, where is his/her/its weapon(s)?

Also, why does he/she/it gain experience if he/she/it is already a professional killer and needs no more experience on killing people?

Also, why is he/she/it not ready? A professional killer is always ready.

Also, why did you take the screenshot at 5:55 in the morning?


Ok all of those answers will be answered if you play the game.


Even the question of why you took the screenshot 5:55 in the morning?


Yep. You will soon realize why.




Why is it cuz you love the game so much you play at 5.55 or is it 5.55pm?


5:55 in the morning. I usually play from 4:00 am