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Junk Talk Topic


If it’s 5:55 PM then the screeshot would have said 17.55.56, not 5.55.56


btw just a fun observation: the people who wrote the last 12 replies to this post all had titles :smile:




what happens if you play at 5:55 am? Asking because I can’t play and the wifi does not work at that time.


Nothing. (20 characters)


sorry im late to the thread, but im stuck between minecraft, undertale, and fortnite


roblox was famous for a little while, even though it was out in 2006.

My favorite is minecraft.


Srry my computer screen cracked so I have to go repair it. Might not be too active my LCD started to bleed ;(


The only game I ever played was The Legend of Zelda on 16 bit Nintendo.


I don’t play video games, what is The Legend of Zelda?

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I don’t play video games either, but I played minecraft once. And, the Legend of Zelda’s information could be found on google.


Same I’ve played mine craft about twice and I quite liked it but not enough to get it.

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and I know almost everything in minecraft except why the enchantment table doesn’t work underground.


You dont know what Legend of Zelda is!!! :rage:

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I play super mario, megaman, sonic and a lot of nintendo games.

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And capcom games. :smiley:

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What’s Capcom? Is it as good as nintendo would you say?

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capcom made megaman.


Lol my favorite games are fortnite,overwatch, and minecraft. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chaboi 3000 Haio just wondering what u play on…

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