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Junk Talk Topic


oh and i like pokemon :ok_hand:

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every single pokemon game?

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PC and mobile (20 chars)


noice i play xbox u open 2day?

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most but meh fav is leaf green

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ha changed meh thing

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I like it, is it a pokemon?


I don’t think so… (20)


nope its from a show called dinosaur king but i like this pic the most…

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This is a poke’mon image


I also like sega. hehehee


Do you even play pokemon go.


because I do. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


pokemon go killed real actual people because they didn’t look where they were going.


I played pokemon ultra sun and moon, sun and moon, pokemon omega ruby, pokemon reg and blue, leaf green, and pokemon white 2. Might have played more cant remember.


Nope cuz i don’t have a phone


No, I don’t have a phone and even if i did I don’t think I’d play pokemon Go I just don’t really like the idea of it, they said it would make people walk but I’d prefer to stay inside than to walk outside with a phone out.


Turtle Pokémon 4 life :stuck_out_tongue:


Who plays Fortnite here?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is there an option of sometimes. @Chaboi_3000

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