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Junk Talk Topic


no and I dont want to sign up.


Same here @Emidoge (E = MC2)


kk Have a Great Day> :slight_smile:


Wait can I have a joe.


Yea really scary. I agree it is a pretty dangerous game especially when you are not looking where you are going


Who wants free money?


nah not for meh i earn mine


? Nani??/1/!???!?!??!??!


A joe can I have a joe


WHAT?!?!?!?! is that coffee cuz if it is then that will be $2.00


how do you make a topic solved. I don’t see any options to do that @Gamestack


Like in the solved category


Yes in the solved category I dont know


Nine danker. Ich habe mein eigenes Geld, vielen Dank. (Fun Fact! Did you know that all nouns in German even common nouns like table or chair have a capital letter? Ehhhh


Like that the solved on the topic?


It doesn’t let me put stuff in the solved category


Neither, but I’ve seen topics which are in the solved category but they’re mostly old. Straangge!?!!???


I really like my new regular powers


Yeah it is nice, sorry I accidently got rid of the topics name and now I can’t remember it. Whooops!


No problem. @Enderlord832 is coming to the rescue!