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Junk Talk Topic


no and I dont want to sign up.


Same here @Emidoge (E = MC2)

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kk Have a Great Day> :slight_smile:


Wait can I have a joe.


Yea really scary. I agree it is a pretty dangerous game especially when you are not looking where you are going

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Who wants free money?

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nah not for meh i earn mine


? Nani??/1/!???!?!??!??!


A joe can I have a joe


WHAT?!?!?!?! is that coffee cuz if it is then that will be $2.00


how do you make a topic solved. I don’t see any options to do that @Gamestack

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Like in the solved category

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Yes in the solved category I dont know


Nine danker. Ich habe mein eigenes Geld, vielen Dank. (Fun Fact! Did you know that all nouns in German even common nouns like table or chair have a capital letter? Ehhhh


Like that the solved on the topic?


It doesn’t let me put stuff in the solved category

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Neither, but I’ve seen topics which are in the solved category but they’re mostly old. Straangge!?!!???


I really like my new regular powers

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Yeah it is nice, sorry I accidently got rid of the topics name and now I can’t remember it. Whooops!


No problem. @Enderlord832 is coming to the rescue!

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